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Thread: Keystyle Cypher!

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    Re: Keystyle Cypher!

    And that isn't a threat, it's reality.
    Figure out a better way you can balance thee' criticism...
    These cowards see cynicism as they're holy grail. And hold it over
    your head, when they know they're frail.
    A predator to no avail.
    Preying on the weak minded before they get thrown in jail
    In front of a judge of the county that will hold their bail.
    But you know the tale.
    A city between us... a visceral meaning of life
    Used as visual relievers
    There isn't a Jesus in all the world to help you through your trials...
    You're doing a 9 to 5, but still working on your smiles.
    It's wild, advertisements in all your grocer aisles
    They're vile. You're not insane, you're just in your denial.
    Dissonance while trying to be self-composed...
    Throwing money, like wealthy hoes
    Instead of a finance advisor to help your goals...
    Here to break the ceiling and shed some light on these sheltered souls
    With an aura of confidence enough to melt the trolls.
    My forum presence is nothing but a mirror I use to reflect
    My own views to the net. So, you only get what I choose to project.
    I mean, before it was only an outlet for me to talk
    And now it's like a podium that's connected to my thoughts
    The transitions that I've been through; you all had a window to..
    So if you think of it, every rap I drop, is an interview.
    In some shape or form. A dissertation of what is was like...
    to evolve, on the net.. when sites were nothing more than logging on to forget...
    What's going on within your four walls - escapism.
    Writing down was typing, now... a $14 dollar mic was how...
    You communicated to incite your crowd...
    I remember quiet days where I would browse
    Pages on Rapbattles, while in class, inside, for hours.
    I had a life, but this online shit defied those powers.
    Hiding tabs, and writing key-style raps, in private browsers.
    Most kids wouldn't know about that shit
    And I don't blame 'em. Technology evolved, and the times are changing.
    Wouldn't expect you to conform to this shit.
    I made my formula off of browsing the forums and getting
    more in my niche.
    By exploring hip hop boards when I was bored, so I guess
    Looking back on it, now, they're the very reason why the forums, exist.
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    Re: Keystyle Cypher!

    The world is turnin ,
    with its shape never changing ,
    The planet is being wrecked ,
    its no longer ageless ,
    wit pollution and Armageddon hangin ,
    The earth needs to clean ,
    I'd help it to do the deed ,
    with the storms sprayin ,
    You can catch criminals on the television ,
    their guns against the timid ,
    I’m watchin the times unfold ,
    While cash gets raped by politicians ,
    Regular people cry out ,
    In pure discust ,
    cuz these times are the simplest ,
    God left this land to the best ,
    To whoever can conquer everyone in the flesh ,
    Jesus is David ,
    comin back for a test ,
    To right wrongs ,
    And probably fix up what was wrecked
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    "Your raps got more holes than swiss cheese ,
    And my raps defined like the deadliness in a disease"

    - Silk Da Hinn aka Secret Star Shine Style (S 4) aka Secret Style Ninja Jutsu Sai Special

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    Re: Keystyle Cypher!

    When I exercise my demons ,
    I’m trumpin the hell scapes wit my hands on flames ,
    That Street cat with the controller “stick” ,
    For brotha’s playin Nintendo games ,
    I strayed away from the city ,
    Wit my mind thinkin in back streets,
    My writin thoughts in chemicals ,
    around the same day I found the rap sheets ,
    I never eat Hostess cakes I’m not sweet ,
    I’mma rider ,
    I’ll kill you in beast mode ,
    Your baby mama askin for the D’s to find ya ,
    I stretch on a cot wit my money sittin out like tony montana’s ,
    That only cat wit scar face ,
    I’ll steal ya body weight wit the hamma , (hammer)
    I don’t do drama I never went to the opera show ,
    I’m high on weed ,
    Drivin in a car listenin to big poppa wit blow ,
    I don’t starve I eat even in the fury of hell ,
    I go harder than yall ,
    I’m in the city immune to a jury of twelve ,
    I rock my music ,
    wit that hood talk that have cats shook ,
    And when I bump a rap artist ,
    I know if they hard by the verse and the hook
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    "Your raps got more holes than swiss cheese ,
    And my raps defined like the deadliness in a disease"

    - Silk Da Hinn aka Secret Star Shine Style (S 4) aka Secret Style Ninja Jutsu Sai Special

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    Re: Keystyle Cypher!

    Good shit Soar. Thanks for the compliments upthread. I like your styles too, keep it up.

    Don’t test my allegiance, never “exercised demons”;
    I’ve got so many, shit’d be a genocide sequence.
    And if the revolution ran for ten televised seasons,
    They’d keep getting worse coz of set design reasons.
    I ain’t renting my freedom from a god or a government.
    I ain’t honour the covenants, or the policies set by the modern republicans,
    Consciously troublesome, I’m here to upset the established order,
    When I’m done the first’ll be last, and the latter former.
    Time to throw the fattest hoarders to the famished paupers,
    Clash with ballers, leave the streets rich as shit and the palace poorer.
    Ey... God ain’t speak to me through some old dusty, fussy Latin authors...
    But it’s awesome when the sun refracts through splashing water, an’ shit.

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    Re: Keystyle Cypher!

    no problem man.
    "Your raps got more holes than swiss cheese ,
    And my raps defined like the deadliness in a disease"

    - Silk Da Hinn aka Secret Star Shine Style (S 4) aka Secret Style Ninja Jutsu Sai Special

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